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MonthlyFunction Friday 29th March 2024

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Dance held at the Commodore Hotel on Friday 29th March 2024

Dance Report


Everyone was welcomed to the dance by Honorary President Neil MacLeod who introduced

the Wayne Robertson Scottish Dance Band from Perth, comprising Wayne Robertson on

accordion and Callum Wallace on percussion. The duo provided excellent traditional music

with their complementary playing on drums and accordion.

There were 39 members plus 16 non-members and 2 juveniles in attendance, making a

healthy total of 57 attendees. It was great to see so many new, enthusiastic dancers. Again

the round tables allowed for better freedom of movement to and from the dance floor.

The programme began with the ‘Gay Gordons Two-Step’ and dances thereafter were well

spaced and paced, varying from the vigorous ‘Swedish Masquerade’ to the more sedate

‘Lomond Waltz’ and the jaunty ‘Shiftin’ Bobbins’.

The first half of the evening was concluded in time for a welcome break for tea, coffee and

biscuits. The regular raffle was drawn during the interval raising the sum of £161.00. Thanks

go as usual both to ticket buyers and to everyone who provided the prizes.

Dancing resumed after the interval with the ‘Pride of Erin Waltz’. The energetic ‘Canadian

Barn Dance’ was enjoyed near the programme’s end as was the elegant ‘Valeta Waltz’.

The visitors in particular gave their views about the evening’s entertainment and their

responses were encouragingly positive. They hailed from various ‘airts and pairts’ including

Manchester and London as well as Dumbarton and Helensburgh. One visitor was originally

from Sri Lanka (see footnote) and another from Dublin.

The Honorary President concluded the evening by thanking everyone for attending what

proved to be a very rewarding and entertaining night in terms of both music quality and

increased attendances. The band concluded with the traditional ‘Auld Lang Syne’.

There was a satisfying profit of £204.20 after the usual accounting for venue hire, ceilidh

band and associated running costs.

The next dance will again take place in the Commodore Hotel on Friday 26th April 2024 at

8.00pm with music by the Ewan Galloway Scottish Dance Band

Did you know?

The national dance in Sri Lanka is the Kandyan Dance which has costumes that are very

striking. For example, male dancers dress in a skirt-like garment with naked chest and silver

regalia and wearing spectacular headgear. The distinctive content behind the dance relates

to drama or stories of kings and heroes.

Bob McCafferty


 Wayne Robertson on accordion and Callum Wallace on percussion.











Well Done All the Dancers! 

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