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Home News Event Review Monthly Function Friday 26th April 2024

Monthly Function Friday 26th April 2024

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Dance held at the Commodore Hotel on Friday 26th April 2024


Dance Report


Honorary President Neil MacLeod bade a warm welcome to everyone and introduced the

Ewan Galloway Scottish Dance Band, comprising Ewan Galloway on accordion and Iain

Graham on percussion. The band had been popular with dancers at previous ceilidh dances

and another excellent rendition of the evenings dance programme was anticipated

There were 48 members plus 12 non-members in attendance, making a total of 60 attendees.

The programme began with the ‘Eva Three Step’ and progressed through the dance list to

the ever popular ‘Swedish Masquerade’ and the delightful ‘Waltz of Bells’.

The first half of the evening concluded for a break for tea, coffee and biscuits. The regular

raffle was drawn raising the sum of £159.00. Thanks are extended to everyone who donated

prizes and to ticket buyers.

After the welcome break the set programme continued with the ‘Canadian Barn Dance’

concluding with ‘The Boston Two Step’ and ‘Southern Rose Waltz’ before the traditional

singing of ‘Auld Lang Syne’

The Honorary President drew the evening to a close by thanking the Band and everyone for

attending another entertaining night. Thanks were also extended to committee members for

their essential tasks at the door selling dance and raffle tickets and providing teas and

coffees at the interval.

The Honorary President also acknowledged the table of family and friends who were

enjoying the wide variety of dances whilst celebrating the birthday of Sue who was

congratulated by everyone with a ‘Happy Birthday’ sing-a-long.

At the end of the evening a healthy profit of £253.90 was realised after deductions for venue

hire, ceilidh band and associated running costs.

The next dance will again take place in the Commodore Hotel on Friday 31st May 2024 at

8.00pm with music by the Steven Carcary Scottish Dance Band.

Did you know?

Steven Mithen is an archaeologist whose research focuses on the Neanderthals, our

prehistoric cousins, as opposed to Homo Sapiens' our direct ancestors. But he believes the

importance of dance was widespread and probably practiced by early humans too as far

back as 1.5 million years ago. And, as it is on modern dance floors, their prehistoric moves

had a lot to do with hooking up. Although, it is difficult to conceive of what would pass as

sartorial elegance in our terpsichorean forebears.

Bob McCafferty