Helensburgh & District Highland Association

Dancing, Music and Song

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1 Name -The Association shall be called :-
“Helensburgh and District Highland Association”

2 Objective - The objectives of the Association shall be as under :-
(a) To bring natives of all parts of the Highlands ,Islands and surrounding Districts of Helensburgh into friendly intercourse with each other.
(b) Primarily to organise functions i.e. Ceilidh/Dances an dances in traditional Highland style, forthe entertainment and fellowship of its members            (c) Secondarily to disburse the Association’s profits to deserving causes and individuals as well as local and national charities.

3 Membership - All persons from Helensburgjh and surounding Districts supporting the Association’s aims and who have shown keen interest by attending it’s events, shall be eligible for membership as Ordinary members.           

4 Honorary Members - The Committee shall have power to elect as Honorary Members those persons who, although not possessing the requisite qualifications for election as Life or Ordinary Members, yet sympathise with the objectives of th Association. Such Honorary Members shall have no vote on the Management of the Association.

5 Honorary Life Members - The Committee shall be empowered to convey from time to time the status of Honorary Life Membership to such persons who, although possessing the requisite qualifications for election as Life or Ordinary Members in the normal sense, have in the opinion of the Committee served the ends of the Associationto the extent that the Committee feel that the normal subscription should be waived. Such Honorary Life Members shall have full voting  rights in the management of the Association.

6 Life Members - as under -
(a) Any Member who has been an Ordinary Member of the Association for a period of six months ot longer may, if approved by a quorum of the Committee and on the paymentof the subscription appropriate to Life Membership become a Life Member.
(b) On such Member becoming a Life Member, the Membership Secretary shall indicate the fact of Life Membership in a suitable manner in the Association’s register of Members

7 Office Bearers - The direction and management of the Association shall be vested in and trusted to a Committee consisting of up to eleven Directors and the following Office Bearers :- President, Senior Vice-President, Junior
Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer who shall be known as the Office Bearers of the Association and together with the said nine Directors shall constitute the Committee
If considered necessary at any time the offices of Secretaty  and   Treasurer  may be held by the same person at the discretion of the Directors.The President, Senior and Junior Vice-Presidents,Secretary and Treasurer shall retire annually but shall be eligible for re-election. Appointments to the positions of Office Bearers and Directors shall be made by election at the Annual General Business Meeting of the Association or at a Special Meeting, convened for the purrpose at which General or Special Meeting Members shall be proposed and seconded for  Office or Directorship by two members as proposer and seconder respectively whose names appear  on the association Register and who are entiltled to vote and of whom at least one must not be an Office Bearer or Director

An amendment was passed at the committee meeting held on Tuesday 5th June 2018, dissolving the position of Junior Vice President. 

8 Quorum - At all General andSpecial Meetings of the Association .EIGHT members shall constitute a quorum and at all Meetings of the Committee, FIVE Office Bearers and Directors shall constitute a quorum. The Chairman at all times Shall have a Deliberate Casting vote

9 Subscriptions - Shall be as follows :-
(a) Ordinary Members - £5-00 per year commencing in July to be paid by the end of October,or such amount as the Committee may decide.
(b) Life Members - £40-00
(c) Senior Citizens _ May contribute on voluntary Basis.
(d) Members six months in arrears with their subscriptions shall be liable in the option of the Office Bearers to have their names erased from the Association’s Register of Members.

10 Duties of Secretary - The Secretary shall attend all Meetings of the Association and of the Committee and shall record a direct account of all transactions affecting the Association’s business and generally shall conduct the necessary correspondence and convening of meetings by circular or otherwise.

11 Duties of Treasurer - The Treasurer shall enter in a book kept for the purpose an account of all intromissions with the Funds of the Association and shall lodge in the Bank in the name of the Association whatever sums may come into his or her hands from time to time when these  amount to £25-00.All drafts and cheques on the Bank Account shall bear the signature of the Treasurer and be countersigned by the President or Secretary. At the Annual General Meeting or other Meeting called for the purpose, the Treasurer shall submit a statement of his whole intromissions
during the past year, the same having been prior thereto certified as correct by at least one auditor who shall be appointed by the Directors

12 Management and Application of Funds - The Office Bearers shall have the application and disposall of the whole funds of the Association for the purpose of and in accordance with its objectives as specified in 2© of this constitution.

13 Conduct - Should the conduct of anyone involved with the Association be offensive or disagreeable to other people such conduct may be brought under the notice of the Office Bearers, who will thereupon make it their duty to enquire fully into the matter and report the same to an Extra-ordinary Committee Meeting of the Committee to be called for the purpose a majority of those present having the power to decide what course should be pursued.

14 Alteration of Constitution and Rules - It shall be in the power of any Office Bearer or Director to propose by way of resolution any amendment or alteration of or addition to the Constitution and Rules of theAssociation and upon such resolution being passed by a majority of the Committee. the said resolution shall be put to the vote of an Annual General Meeting or of a Special  Meeting convened for that purpose, the Office Bearer shall amend, alter or add to the Constitution and Rules in accordance with such resolution. It shall be competant to any member at any Annual General Meeting or any Special Meeting convened for that purpose, to propose amendments or alterations of or additions to the Constitution and Rules and  such amendment or addition shall be considered at the next meeting of the Committee and, if agreed to by a majority of the Committee, shall be put to the vote either at the next Annual General Meeting or a Special Meeting convened for the purpose, and if such amendment, alteration or addition be passed by a majority of members entiled to vote at such meeting the Constitution and Rules of the Association shall be altered accordingly.
Such intimation of any amendment, alteration or addition in term of this Section shall be given to the Members as the Committee shall deem reasonable.

Revised June 2004


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