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Christmas Supper Dance 9th December 2016

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CHRISTMAS DANCE    9th Dec 2016


The eagerly awaited Christmas Supper Dance took place on December 9th in the Commodore Hotel. It was attended by some 110 dancers who enjoyed the excellent music of the Charlie Kirkpatrick Scottish Dance Band Trio. The band consisted of Nicky McMeechan on drums; Derek Hamilton on keyboard and Charlie himself on accordion.  Derek also competently supplied the vocal accompaniment.

The evening began promptly at 7.30 pm and the interval arrived all too soon. During the break an excellent supper of steak pie or salad, tea or coffee was enjoyed by all.  Much to our delight, the hotel management decided to serve each table separately this year and the arrangement proved to be a great success A very impressive array of prizes was then distributed to the raffle prize winners.  The raffle raised the magnificent sum of £240 , which will of course, be given to charity.

It was then time to welcome our star guest – Santa Claus.  He parked Prancer, Dancer and the other seven reindeer in the carpark while he distributed parcels of  sweets to all the tables. ( Mercifully he didn’t sing !!)

           The second half of the evening got under way and a great selection of dances was enjoyed till midnight  The evening concluded with votes of thanks to all who had made the evening a great success and a monetary gift was passed to the staff in recognition of their endeavours through the whole year.    

The final event of 2016 will be the Hogmanay dance , to be held in the Geilston Hall, Cardross, where the band will be the ever popular Stuart McKeown Scottish Dance Band Trio. Doors open at 8pm, the dance will start at 9pm  and finish at 2am.

              Please note that as of 11th December, some twenty tickets are still available for sale to members and non-members.  Contact number (01389 841728)


The  Association committee wishes all members a very happy Xmas.


Round the Tables.. 















Charlie Kirkpatrick Scottish Dance Band 


Our Special Guest Appearance!


Santa helps with the raffle






Well Done The Dancers!


Well Done The Dancers!


There's that Christmas Teddy again!! 

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Monthly Function Friday 25th November 2016

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       On  a chilly  autumn evening, sixty five members and guests gathered in the Osprey suite of the Commodore hotel for their November dance.   They certainly weren’t disappointed. The evening was a great success mainly due to the wonderful music played by the Wayne Robertson Scottish Dance Band. They went through the pre-arranged programme at express speed, without long intervals between dances and actually had time for four extra dances. Their format was much appreciated by all.


       They did stop to allow the dancers some tea/coffee refreshments and to accommodate the raffle. Despite the rather poor attendance, the raffle raised the

sum of £165 which, of course will be added the sum already collected for charity. 


       The dance was closed just short of midnight  by  vice- president  Ian Yule who thanked all who made the evening such a success. 


       Please note that tickets for the Xmas dance on 9th December are now in short supply. For the few remaining tickets, please contact President John Johnston.


     There are, at time of writing this report,  84 tickets sold for the New Year dance. The remainder will be on sale at the Xmas dance. Payment for ALL tickets should be paid on that evening to committee member Bill Irvine.  Please try to pay at a suitable interval, so the dance floor can be kept clear.   

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Ceilidh Dance Friday 28th October 2016

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     OCTOBER  DANCE  2016


       Friday 30 October turned out to be  a beautiful autumnal evening.  However it failed to bring out the expected large attendance for the Association’s first Ceilidh dance of the season, there being only sixty seven dancers present. President John Johnston opened the evening with a warm welcome to everyone and introduced the artistes who were to entertain us later in the evening.


       First up was solo accordionist Wullie (he said it) Scott,  who played three dances for the first part of the evening.  The Ceilidh artistes Eilidh Steel and Mark Neal then took the stage and entertained us royally for twenty or so minutes. Eilidh and Mark are well known locally. Eilidh lived in Helensburgh some years ago but now lives in Edinburgh, as does Mark. She is a virtuoso violinist and Mark is a full time career guitarist.  They played a great selection of Gaelic songs and traditional folk music, which was much appreciated by all.  A second helping of dance music by accordionist Wullie Scott took us neatly to the interval. 

        The refreshment break and presentation of raffle prizes followed for the next half hour. The raffle raised the magnificent sum of £190, which will be added to the sum already raised for charity. 


         The second half was a copy of the first half, ie dance period,  songs by Eilidh and Mark and a final dance session by Wullie, which featured some of the newer dances, viz,  Waltz Catherine and Edinburgh Mixture, both of which were a welcome addition to the programme . 


        The president brought the evening to a close with thanks to everyone who made the evening a resounding success. 


       The next dance will be on Friday 25th November at 8.00pm.  Please note that Xmas and Hogmany dance tickets  are now on sale from John Johnston and Bill Irvine respectively.


(See 'Future Events' section for the November Dance Programme) 



Accordionist Wullie Scott



Our Resident Piper Bruce Shearlaw 


Ceilidh artistes Eilidh Steel and Mark Neal
 Well Done the Dancers!
 A fine lookig couple!
And finally, here we have the author of our reviews for about the past year - Many thanks Bill, for all your literary work.. 
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Monthly Function Friday 30th September 2016

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         This report must necessarily begin with an abject apology to all who were  in any way inconvenienced by the advert in the Lennox Herald and in our own web site, that the dance on 30th September was to be a Ceilidh and dance, when in fact,  it was simply a normal end of the month dance.  It was caused by our reporter simply misreading the calendar , and not by, in the words of Winston Churchill, a juxtaposition of elbow and other parts of his anatomy. 


(Don’t forget, Bill, that the 'proof reader', Ronnie, busy loading the web site and submitting the ad must also share a little responsibility for the slip up!!)


         That said, the actual dance was a very enjoyable evening, for the ninety members and guests who attended. Among the guests were some Australians, who energetically danced the night away and seemed to enjoy their visit to a genuine Scottish  dance evening.


         President John Johnston opened the evening by welcoming everyone and introduced the band for the evening – the Steven Carcary Scottish Country Dance Band  The band comprised, on drums, Kevin Milne; on second accordion Graeme Bell and on first accordion, the man himself, Steven Carcary.  


       During the interval, the raffle prizes were drawn. The raffle raised the magnificent sum of £243 which of course will be added to the already accumulated sum for distribution next year. The evening concluded with the votes of thanks and the singing of Auld Lang Syne.   


      The next event will be the aforementioned Ceilidh Dance, on 28th October when the artistes will be Eilidh Steele (fiddle) and Mark Leal (guitar). They will be playing a variety of gaelic and other songs.  Eilidh and Mark are well known in the area and we look forward to welcoming them.  


     An announcement will be made about the forthcoming Xmas and New Year Dances and names will be taken for both dances during the evening.  The prices are as follows:-

Xmas Supper Dance :  Members £13.50 : Non members £16.00  ( Friday 9th Dec at 7.30pm)

 Hogmanay Party Dance : Members £12.00 : Non members £17.00  ( Saturday 31st Dec at 9.00 pm.)


Steven Carcary Scottish Dance Band 

Well Done the Dancers, and a delight to see some younger guest's tonight.... 
Must be the Brittania Two Step!
A couple of poser's!  Nice photo... 
You two should be up dancing!! 
Great night had by all.....
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Monthly Function Friday 26th August 2016 2016

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      The final Summer Dance was held on a fine evening, in the Osprey suite of the Commodore hotel on Friday 29th August and was attended by  sixty seven  keen members and friends. A warm welcome was extended to all by President John Johnston 

   The evening was a great success, thanks to the excellent music of the Scott Band Dance Band Trio, comprising drummer Kevin Milne, keyboard player  Bill Euan  and accordionist Scott Band.   This band has never played for us before but were so good, they will assuredly be asked back in the future.

     The raffle raised the magnificent sum of £181 which will of course be added to the pot for distribution in 2017.   

     The next event will be a Ceilidh and Dance on Friday 30th September, when the band will be the Steven Carcary Scottish Dance Band. Guest artistes will be fiddler Emma Steel and guitarist Mark Neal, both of them solo artistes but will also be entertaining us as a duet.  

      Membership fees have largely been paid over the last few weeks but a few still remain to be paid. It would be appreciated if this could be done fairly soon. 


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