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Message to Members....

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Helensburgh & District Highland Association




For the attention of all interested parties, please find below a copy of a letter sent to all current members of the association.

The Helensburgh & District Highland Association is currently facing a difficult situation and is anxious to make all members fully aware of the doubt presently hanging over its future.






Copy of Letter 



President: John Johnston. Tel: 01436 675191.

Secretary: Jill Johnston.     Tel: 01436 675191 14th Feb 2018.



Dear Member,


This is to remind you the March dance has been brought forward to the 23rd March to avoid clashing with the Easter weekend.


I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of a serious situation arising.  At the A.G.M. in May I will be standing down as President and Treasurer along with Jill as Secretary and five other directors, this means we need seven new committee members.  At present we have no replacement for President or Secretary, one committee member is willing to take on the post of Treasurer.

Failure to form a committee would mean having to disband the Association.  The Association has been in existence for 111 years and it  would be a very hard but unavoidable decision to take.

I want to hear from any member willing to serve on the Committee to avoid this happening.

Please contact me in person or at the above telephone no.


With thanks,





John Johnston


Ceilidh Dance Friday 23rd February 2018

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Ceilidh Dance Friday 23rd February 2018


The evening was opened, in the usual venue, The Osprey Suite, Commodore Hotel, Helensburgh, by the Association President, John Johnston, who welcomed all present.

A lively nights music for the function was provided by well known local accordionist, Stuart  McKeown,  providing as usual, an excellent performance on the 'box'.


We also had the privilege of having with us tonight, our guest artiste, soloist Kirsten Easdale, who provided us with an absolutely delightful selection of Scots and Gaelic songs, with even a touch of French input as well

…All a real treat.

Kirsten is a Traditional Scottish Folk Singer with a an international reputation, who has  toured and performed at major international events worldwide. 

We will be fortunate indeed, to have her perform for us again at any time in the future.

Accompanying (and also performing solo) was Gregor Lowery with his own unique blend of accordion music.

The numbers attending tonight, although again a little disappointing with fifty members and four guests, but all enjoyed a great nights entertainment and dancing.

The raffle this month raised £163 , so thanks go to all who donated and all who purchased tickets.



Accordionist for the evening, Stuart McKeown, together with guest artistes, Soloist Kirsten Easdale and Gregor Lowery  




Well Done The Dancers!Well Done The Dancers! 

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Monthly Function Friday 26th January 2018

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Monthly Function

Friday 26th January 2018


The Association President John Johnston welcomed everyone to the Commodore Hotel for the first monthly function of 2018.


Iain Anderson, who was due to play was indisposed but he arranged an excellent replacement in the Donald McLeod Scottish Dance Band.  The attendance of 55 members and guests was disappointing, but the floor was busy all evening.  It was pleasing  to see the youngsters back enjoying their dancing (Oh the energy of youth!).


Thanks to all who donated and purchased tickets for the raffle which raised an healthy £174.00


Our next function is on Friday 24th February at 8pm in the Osprey Suite, Commodore Hotel.  The music is by Stuart McKeown ( an Association favourite), and all are welcome.


Hogmanay Ceilidh Dance 2017

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Hogmanay Ceilidh Dance 2017


Even with the torrential rain on Hogmanay,  Ninety Nine  brave souls joined in the NewYear celebrations, held in the Geilston Hall, Cardross.

And with visitors from Australia, United States of America, Ireland, England and a hefty Scottish contingent, it proved to be quite an international event.

(Apologies if any other country's folks not represented here.. If there are any, let me know and I will amend..) 

The doors opened at 8pm, with the car park already almost full by 7.30pm! 

Come nine o’clock, our association president, John Johnstone, opened the evening and welcomed the band - The Stuart  McKeown Scottish Dance Band, who provided us with excellent lively music throughout the evening..

The raffle tonight produced a handsome £285.00  -  Thank you to all for donations and ticket sales.

Tommy and Nancy McLennan, long time members, but unfortunately unable to attend tonight, kindly sent a selection of biscuits to pass round, which was greatly appreciated. 

Kind regards to Tommy and Nancy..

After the mad rush for the balloon prizes at midnight, (who won the bottle of Ginger Wine-and did you like it?), we had an excellent rendition of bagpipe tunes by Daryl Lynch, who has played for us at Hogmanay for a considerable number of years now.

In due course, our First Foot, claiming to be Ronnie’s twin brother (H’mm) arrived, after thumping the door for quite a while!!,  and presented the ‘Keeper of the Event’ , President John Johnstone, with a Lump of Coal, a bit O Black Bun and the obligatory Dram..He immediately downed the dram of course, and we hope he put the coal and bun to good use..

A rendition of a poem reminiscing a 1950’s Hogmanay 

(which obviously impressed our First Foot, and very nearly brought a tear to the eye) was given, and thereafter tot’s of Whisky or Ginger Wine were offered to all present.

The dancing and party atmosphere continued till almost 2am, shortly before which the President gave a vote of thanks to all involved and in turn received a well deserved vote of thanks from the rest of the committee for the tireless efforts of himself and Gill.


Many thanks to all the members who held back to help clear the hall of tables and chairs etc.


 Stuart McKeown Scottish Dance Band


Piper Daryll Lynch 





 Well Done The Dancers!!Well Done The Dancers!! 


Well Done The Dancers!! Well Done The Dancers!!


Well Done The Dancers!! Well Done The Dancers!!Well Done The Dancers!!


Happy New Year and Lang may yer Lum Reek! 


 Well Done The Dancers!!


And according to information received We wish a Happy Hogmanay Birthday to Gayle McKinnon  


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Christmas Supper Dance 2017

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Christmas Supper Dance 2017


The 8th of December was the date for one of our main events of the year, the Christmas Supper Dance. 

A good attendance of 87 members and guests spent the evening, very ably entertained by the 

Charlie Kirkpatrick Scottish Dance Band


Charlie Kirkpatrick Scottish Dance Band 


An obligatory appearance was made by Father Christmas and a very cute little Elf!, who both assisted in the Raffle….Much appreciated, and handed out goodies to all present.

 No Show without Punch...I Mean Santa and his Elf............


Celebrating a Birthday (A Big One!) on or very near the night was Donald McLeod - Many Happy Returns Donald..


Happy Birthday Donald...  


Bruce and Anne were fortunate to be in the right spot for the ‘Spot” prize - well done, and  

Ann and Paul scooped the top raffle prize - a fine bottle of whisky..


Bruce and Anne Ann and Paul...


Appreciation of our faithful Barman, Jordan, was shown with a gift presentation….

Well deserved Jordan. 


Thanks to our Barman, Jordan.... 

Its about time Gill was teaching you another dance. -  Reckon you have now mastered the

Breakaway Blues!!!



A special mention for Catherine and Edward Bear......

Although the bear was a bit down because he did'nt  win a raffle prize!!


 Catherine and 'The Bear'  We Dont normally let bears in, but this one is an exception!!


Hope to see you all at the Hogmanay Ceilidh,

When is that now? Oh Yes,  the 31st December............ 





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